Recently, my 14-year old son asked me – in the context of our home state’s relatively recent decision to permit recreational cannabis use – “Dad, how can something be legal under state law at the same time it is illegal under federal law?” Smart kid, that one.  Although from the look on his face after… Read More Federalism

Unwanted Advances

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Constellation Brands has approached Brown-Forman with an unsolicited offer to purchase the company.  If this transaction were to occur, it would transform the spirits market in a significant way, by bringing together two of the industries biggest players. As of the time of this post, Brown-Forman (maker of brands as diverse as… Read More Unwanted Advances


Tasting rooms are great.  You walk in, chat with the folks behind the counter (who seem almost always to be friendly) and have a chance to try a new spirit.  What’s not to like? Well, in Washington one thing you might not have liked is that you’d be required to taste your sample straight.  For… Read More Adulteration