Who is this Hooch lawyer, anyway?

MeA descendant of Scots who left the Isle of Jura in 1724 to settle in what is now South Carolina, I appear to have a genetic predisposition to the enjoyment of whisky – particularly the peatier selections from Jura and Islay.  Unlike some whisky aficionados, however, I also enjoy sampling spirits of all kinds and from around the globe.

I serve on the Board of the Washington Distillers Guild, as well as the Education Committee of the Guild.  In addition, I serve on the Education Committee of the American Craft Spirits Association.  I hold the Level 2 Certificate, with distinction, in spirits from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust.  I am a frequent speaker and author on topics important to businesses in the spirits industry.

I live on Bainbridge Island, Washington with my wife, three sons and two dogs.  When not writing or speaking on spirits matters, I’m a corporate attorney for a large retailer known for excellent customer service.

I wear bow ties and play the banjo.  Often at the same time.

LinkedIn profile is here.

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